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September 14, 2012
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Mama!Reader x Papa!Prussia – Memories

What happened to your family? What happened to those good memories you and your family had? Each day, it used to be joyful and loving. As years passed by, your family became stolid. It was only you who showed affection to everyone else, but they would just simply ignore you or push you away, making you feel hurt. Were you not part of this family? Were you not the wife of Gilbert Beilschmidt and the mother of your children? Every day, you would always deny the fact that your family has been treating you wrong already. You would always be patient with them, and just think that this is just some test to see if your family is really strong or not. You would always believe that one day, memories before would happen once again.

It was a Monday morning , and you knew your duties as a mother. You were supposed to prepare food for your dear family, iron their clothes if needed, etc. You couldn't leave this work to Gilbert, you knew he already has work to do and it would be very stressful if you made him do these things.

"Gilbert,I prepared breakfast for you! Hope you have a nice day at work today! " You said cheerfully from the counter , hoping he'd be loving to you once again. He only replied you a grunt as he gave you a glance, as he grabs his suitcase and heads towards the door.
" I don't need it, Frau. I'm gonna be late for work if I eat it and I'm too awesome to be hungry.Bye." He told you, closing the door after him

" I love you!" You shout, hoping he could hear it, but it seems like he didn't. You sighed. Maybe you could talk to him about this later when he goes back home. You can't be treated like this forever!

Second came your 15 year old son. You smiled, hoping he'd eat breakfast together with you for this morning.

" Would you like to eat bre-"

" No thanks mom gotta go to school! They serve better food !" Your son shouted as he slammed the door. This time, not only a sigh came out your mouth but a tears. Were you not a great mother to him? Were you not a great wife to Gilbert? It really pained you every time they neglect you.

" I guess I'll just have to place this food in the fridge.."

You grabbed the plates and placed the food inside a container, all your efforts were wasted. After you placed the left overs in the fridge, You went up to your little girl's room. She was the only one in the family right now who treats you right. At  least someone still loves you ....

"Hi mommy" She greeted as she open her arms for a hug. You smiled at her. She was really just so cute and loving...

' I just hope she won't grow up to be like Gilbert and Gil(your son, named after Gilbert)...'

"Hello baby." You hugged her tightly, like you haven't seen each other for years.
"Mommy, are you sad? What's wrong?"

"No , nothing's wrong. Mommy is alright."

"But Mommy, you're crying." She stated as she started removing your tears with her small hands. What do you expect, she's a  5 year old.

"Mommy's crying because... she just misses daddy every time he leaves for work, yeah!" You tried to reason out as you laugh a bit in the end.

" Then tell daddy to spend time at home with you , not at work!" She told you, making you laugh. If only it was possible,you would cherish every second you spend with your dear family...

" That's not possible,Daddy has to go to work. Now let's get you washed and prepare you for school... I don't want you to be late."

"Okay" She smiled as you carry her towards the bathroom, preparing her for school.
After taking a bath, you made her wear clothes you have picked out for her, and afterwards fixing her hair. As soon as she finished preparing, you and her went out of the house and went inside your car,ready to go and drop her to school.You then started the engines and drove the car....

" Bye mommy! See you later! Mwa!" Your daughter shouted  as she go in her school grounds. You waved at her with a smile. She really knows how to make your sad morning into a happy one.

As soon as she was out of your sight already, you drove off back to your house. You decided that you were just gonna clean your house for today...

---Timeskip, 7:00 PM, dinner time---

You have placed food on the dining table, just waiting for Gilbert to come home from his work. Your son was sitting in front of you while your little girl was beside you.  You looked at your son's eye, and you swore you saw a hint of guilt in his eyes. He couldn't look at you in the eye, he was just staring at his hands.

"Mommy, why is daddy taking so long?"

"He'll come home anytime, don't worry. He's near now."


Finally, after waiting for 10 minutes, Gilbert arrived home, making your children happy. Your son hugged his father first then after that, Gilbert carried your daughter and hugged her. He set him down again, and you were waiting to be hugged by him like he used to do, but no. He just went to sit on his usual seat and started eating.

" So how was school?" He asked both of your children.

" Same as usual,boring."

"It was fun! I got to play dolls with my friends!"

"I see, we-"

"Gilbert?!!Is that a kiss mark on neck?!" You ranted, interrupting your husband,also making everyone turn their heads to you.

" Y-?"


"DON'T EVEN MENTION IT CAUSE YOU ARE NOT EVEN LIKE A WIFE! YOU'RE LIKE THE WORST WOMAN I'VE EVER MET!THERE ARE OTHER GIRLS BETTER THAN YOU!" He shouted back at you. This time, it got into your nerves. You just couldn't take it anymore. You had enough. You finally stood up from your chair, eyes glaring at him.

" WORST WOMAN YOU'VE EVER MET HUH?! THEN WHY DID YOU EVEN MARRY ME?! WHY DID YOU EVEN MAKE A FAMILY WITH ME?! IN THAT CASE, I WISH I HADN'T EVEN MARRIED YOU IN THE FIRST PLACE! I WISH I JUST NEVER MET YOU!" You fought back as tears fell down from your face, and you ran towards the door. Right now, your little girl was crying and Your son was literally shocked of what he just heard and saw, while Gilbert was acting awesome and tough but on the inside, he was hurt. You made him realize the things he had forgotten. He forgot how lucky he was to have a woman like you. Even if he stopped being loving to you, you still didn't give up and believed that this relationship would still work out. You continued to be a great wife to him, while he was a bad husband. He knew that he just lost a very special diamond that fitted perfectly for him.



And thus, you ran,ran and ran. Away from your family. Away from the ones you loved. As you ran away,tears filled your eyes,as they continue dripping off your face,which made your vision blurry. As you cross the street while running, you hadn't noticed a car passing by who's acceleration was very fast. By accident, you tripped, meeting the rough road. You knew this was the end for you, for you tried to stand up but failed to,your sprain hurt so bad.

The car finally crashed into you,making your eyes go widen and lots of blood spill out. The driver of the car was really shocked and called for an ambulance. You lied down on the road, now in a critical state. Most blood were coming from your feet since it got hit by the wheel ...


"MEINE FRAU!" Gilbert shouted as he came inside your hospital room,with your 2 children at the back. Gilbert immediately rushed to your side and held your hand,tears were now falling from your husband and your children. Luckily you were awake, so you gave them a weak smile.Your two children went to the other side of your bed,Gil carrying his little sister.

"I'm so sorry meine frau! That was so unawesome of me to treat you that way! Please, give me another chance!" Gilbert asked for forgiveness as he buries his head to your hands, making you smile. At least at the last moment in your life, Gilbert showed affection...
"Mom, I'm sorry for everything I have done that hurted you! Forgive me mom!" Your son also pleaded

" I forgive y-you G-Gilbert... G-Gil.... I'd l-love to start again and g-give you another c-chance but.... Sad to say .... I'm not gonna live that long anymore." You told them as tears fall from your eyes once again,making them cry more.

"Don't say that mommy!"

"Your gonna be okay mom!"

"Mein Frau, Don't leave us!"

.... 'Where were you when I needed you most?'

" I wish I'd live more... but look at my condition. Y-you could t-totally s-see I'm going to d-die a-already." As you said that, your whole family hugged you, wetting your  hospital clothes with their tears.

"Your not going to die! I love you mein frau!"

"Mom, don't leave us! We love you, we can't live without you!"


" I love you too guys... Please always remember that I will always be together with you, even until the end of time. I hope you will never forget the memories we've spent together... take c-care." You smiled at them, tears falling off your eyes, as it slowly closes.Goodbye world...

As the ECG machine 'beeeped' , the doctors immediately rush inside, pushing your family out of the room, as they do some procedures hoping to make you survive.Gilbert was hysterical, and it took 3 doctors to push him fully out of the room and to stop his wild actions.

" (Y/N)!!!!!! NO!!! YOU CAN'T DIE JUST YET! I WANT TO SHOW YOU HOW MUCH I LOVE YOUUU! NOO!" Gilbert shouted loudly,as he sat down on a chair and cried together with your children. Finally,the last thing he wanted to happen in his life happend. The love of his life died.

The doctor who was assigned for (y/n) came out with a clipboard on his hand, a frown visible on his face. His name was Dr.Alfred F.Jones.

"Gilbert Beilschmidt?" Dr.Alfred called,as Gilbert immediately shot up.

"We're sorry, we tried to save (y/n)'s life, but .... she didn't make it. Condolence."
Dr.Alfred revealed as he pats Gilbert's back, and Gilbert was really shocked.

"MOMMYYY!!!" their daughter shouted as she had tantrums, very sad for the loss of her mom.

" Oh My God..."

"NOO, MEINE FRAU!!!!!" Gilbert shouted as he jump up and down from irritation and sadness, wanting to kill everyone in his sight except from his family just to revive (y/n)'s life,but no,life doesn't go that way.

" You can go in.... after that we'll take her body to the morgue." Dr.Alfred reminded as he went away. The three immediately ran inside your room,seeing your lifeless body lie down,and all those tubes unplugged already. Just plainly your dead body.

Your soul was behind them, crying. You didn't mean for this to happen, but you couldn't do anything. You didn't want to make them suffer in sadness, and you knew it was your fault for running away... which made you really guilty. You wanted to live longer to be with your family, but it ended too soon... Everything that has happend would just be part of your families' memories....

You hugged all of them together, crying with them.

"Remember, I'll always be with you.... we will meet again, soon....."
I hope you enjoy this fanfic I made ! Sorry if it turned out crappy and Cliche... :iconrazycryplz:
Anyway, If you loved this story, don't forget to comment,fave and follow! :D more fanfics made by me to be made soon , hehehe C:
Warnings: OOC (???), Human names used, Sad ending
You : :iconsexyprussiaplz:
Prussia and america: :iconhimaruyaplz:
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