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March 4, 2012
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~how everything started~

-Your POV-

Me and Ciel are really getting well everyday. He's been a sweet boyfriend to me,and i love it.I love how he talks,he smiles,how he looks and most especially his attitude. He's not a meany after all.He even asked me if i could live in with him.I happily said yes.
But that was how many weeks ago.... I notice that he's not acting normal like before. I mean before he used to go to my room every morning and be the first one i see in my sight.But for this week,he didn't visit me in my room. Its always his butler Sebastian who wakes me up and serves food.What's wrong? Did he regret making me live in with him? Or maybe he doesn't love me anymore? I really don't understand Ciel.
Not only in the mornings.Even when we eat lunch and dinner.He usually talks alot and say sweet stuff. But then now,He's not even talking much. He only asks this question frequently "How are you feeling today?" . I rarely even heard him say "I love you" to me. While last week,he used to say it for like the whole time were together. Ciel,Whats wrong? I really start to get worried that our relationship will fade away..
I really can't take this anymore. I decided to go out of my room and go to where Ciel is.
Not until i saw Sebastian pass by.
" Um.. Sebastian,Do you know where Ciel is?"
"yes,ms.____. he is at the office. Would you want me to escort you going there?"
"Umm no thanks. Thank you for telling me where he is."
"My pleasure."
With that,I went to Ciel's office. Once i reached his room I knocked on the door.
"Ciel,its me,____."
"Oh,please,come in."
I opened the door to see Ciel working on some papers,without him even looking at me.
"Ciel,I think we need to talk."
"We have nothing to talk about , ____. Everything is absolutely fine."
"No,your wrong,Ciel.Something is wrong."
"Then what is it?"
"Don't pretend like you don't know it,Ciel."
"Know what? I don't even know what your talking about."
"About US. its like you don't love me anymore. Your acting weird than usual."
"Sorry for that _____ my dear , I'm just quite busy."
"Even in eating lunch and Dinner? You rarely even talk to me and say I love you."
"____,I don't need to keep saying I love you to you. You know how much I love you.And I'm just really busy about the paper works i need to finish."
You got annoyed at what he told you. Busy? really? Even in eating lunch and dinner he's busy? What a nice reason Ciel.
You got so irritated at him that you slammed your fists in his desk and shouted
" look at me Ciel! Its like your talking to yourself! "
" ....." is what he replied. He didn't say anything back.
"Whats the problem Ciel? Why don't you do the things you used to do with me? Like go to my room every morning. Ciel,Whats wrong?! Don't you love me anymore?!"
"Its not what you think ____..."
" Or maybe you just regret making me live in with you! Ciel,What is really the-"
He cut you off by saying
" I'M ENGAGED TO THE GIRL WHO I DON'T EVEN LOVE AND HER NAME IS ELIZABETH! (sorry,i made Ciel not love Elizabeth in this story.)"
So thats why he acted weird.
Engaged..? to Elizabeth? those words hurt,Ciel,you know.I tried my best to not cry but I did cry. The love of my life getting engaged to someone else. How nice! *sarcasm*
" so thats what your busy off. Okay Ciel,I understand. Continue with all those works. And I'm going."
You walked out of his room,but Ciel was following you,angrily.
" out of the Phantomhive Manor."
"No,you can't do that ___! you don't have any place to go! "
" I do have a place to go. Ciel,just go back to your room and finish all of those works"
You entered your room,not bothering to close it and started packing up.Ciel entered your room to and kept talking.
"_____,stop! Please,Don't leave me! I love you so much!"
"No , Ciel. You don't. Maybe before you did,but now,you don't . You even agreed to get engaged to Elizabeth."
"I had no choice ___! Please,Don't leave"
"Ciel,its for the best."
Ciel got so angry that he grabbed your wrists and pinned you to the wall. He just kissed you immediately.You were fighting back,but later on melted. You and him pulled away and you both stare at each other.
" _____,Don't go. I promise to love you forever."
" But...What if you and Elizabeth gets married already? "
" I'm only gonna use her for my position. But I promise you.You'll be the love of my life."
"Ciel,it only makes me jealous to see you with her."
"I'll do my best to make her leave this Manor. I won't even sleep with the same room as her. I'll show her how much i don't love her."
"Don't speak,____. Please,stay.Don't leave the manor."
"Fine,Ciel.I won't leave."
He smiled at you and kissed you once again. Only Ciel makes you feel so happy like this.
But... how sure is it that me and Ciel's relationship will be like this?
Or there is someone else who is going to bother our way?
-end of Chapter 1-
link to chapter 2 : :D enjoy!
my first fanfiction made here in deviant art.
Its a Ciel Phantomhive X reader.
For now,in chapter 1.
But for the next chapters I'll be making it a love triangle between Alois , you and Ciel.
Comment more if you want me to continue!
if not,I'll delete.
This is only a trial anyway xD haha.
chapter 2 ---> [link]
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